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You Will Never Make More Money Than Your Mindset By Megan Nicola

Your mindset - the thoughts you think, the feelings you experience, the words you speak influence EVERYTHING from your self-confidence to your bank balance. 

How often have you looked to your mindset as the source of your financial woes? Probably never right? Society have conditioned us to believe in the idea that money is ‘limited’, ‘capped’, and comes with an enormous amount of hard work and struggle. That it’s physical and has no link to our energy.

I’m here to debunk everything in that sentence and drop some truth bombs along the way. So whether you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, or you’re working towards scaling your business and reaching that next level of success, everything I’m about to teach you will help make your journey that much more effortless.

1, Money is energy 

Money is a made up term we gave to the exchange of services back when we needed a way of tracking Bart’s 3 cows for Emmanuel’s 7 chickens. It’s a completely MAN MADE term. What money really is is an exchange of energy. 

When it comes to your business, you exchange your energy (time and help) for the energy of money. Money is useless unless it’s being used / in flow. When you are able to see money in this form, you realise the power you have in attracting more of it into your reality. Being in a society that breeds a 9-5 system, hourly wages, more money means working longer hours, has resulted in us bringing a lot of that limited mindset into our entrepreneurial journey. 

How often have you tried to raise your prices and thought ‘Jesus, who do I think I am? I want to charge what for an hour?’. You’re so used to operating in this energy that says money is directly linked to the amount of hours I work. I have to PROVE my worthiness of receiving more. 

The best way to get comfortable with money, with your prices, with charging more for your services, is to think about the exact ROI your clients receive from working with you. Take yourself OUT of the equation and focus solely on what problem you’re solving for them and how much it’s worth to them. 

Let’s say you’re a health coach for women with a sugar addiction. How much would working with you to release their self-sabotaging behaviours and addictions save their bank balance? How much are they currently spending on private appointments with the orthodontists? How much time are they having to take off work as unpaid leave due to their health implications? 

Money is energy. Get comfortable charging for the results you provide.

2. Clear your financial energy leaks

Building on the previous point, one of my favourite all-time mentors and sources of inspiration Abraham Hicks discusses the importance of feeling good in order to attract more abundance, wealth and prosperity. 

The only reason we ever want anything in life is because we want the happiness we think we will experience in having it. So actually, you don’t want more money, you want a heightened level of happiness. 

The number one reason we fail in manifesting or creating something in our experience is because we hold subconscious blocks against it.

I want you to identify your biggest self-limiting block when it comes to acquiring more wealth. Now you may be thinking, ‘Megs, you’ve lost the plot. WHY would I not want to have more money?’ But really think about it. What are some things that you can think of that make you feel scared about having more money?

Sometimes that can be in the form of not feeling worthy of having more money, not trusting ourselves to manage more wealth, the fear of losing wealth, the fear of the pressures associated with heightened levels of success and wealth, the fear of it affecting our relationships and people treating us differently.

When you really start digging into this question you’ll be amazed at what comes up for you. Once you can identify the self-limiting belief, you now know the main energy leak you’re experiencing that’s blocking your wealth. Find ways of healing this thought. Is it rational? Do I have any evidence to support this will definitely happen? Is there anything I can work on to make sure this doesn’t happen? 

This is what I like to call your ‘prepping for gold’ steps. Laying down the foundation for more wealth creates space for it to come in as well as eliminating any of those rational or irrational fears about acquiring more wealth. 

3. Get used to receiving 

Now that we’re building some momentum, let’s have a look at how comfortable you are at receiving money. Get out your journal and answer the following questions: 

When was the last time you felt really proud of yourself?

When was the last time you treated yourself without feeling guilty?

How do you feel when you receive compliments? 

How often do you do things JUST because they feel good and for no other reason?

Reflect on your answers and see if there are any common themes / feelings / words that came up for you? Often we don’t even realise how much we’re craving a little bit of TLC. And if left un-managed for too long, it manifests as energy block for success, wealth, love, happiness, and fulfilment. 

Something I’ve found that really helps my clients release some of that resistance around receiving more wealth is to focus less on ‘money’ and focus on ALL the ways you receive prosperity and abundance. Perhaps you’ve got an incredible support network around you, or an amazing partner. 

We normally have at least one area in our life that seems to flow effortlessly, and nine times out of ten we feel really good in. Shift more of your attention towards those feelings, emotions and energy because this ‘feel good’ energy becomes your new point of attraction. And when you simply feel good, you attract more abundance across all areas of your life. 

Practise receiving the small things too like compliments, or someone paying for your drink. Start small, get comfortable, and you’ll start to invite that energy of accepting the flow of abundance effortlessly. 

If there’s one thing I really hope you’ve learned so far from this article, is that your happiness, confidence, love and financial freedom is all within your control and can be transformed. It doesn’t lie in external conditions and it’s not set in stone. 

It lies in your thoughts which shape your beliefs, actions, identity and reality. Want to change something in your reality? You have to work backwards by identifying the self-sabotaging thoughts. THIS is where your power lies. 

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