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"You are here, in the here & now, you are alive" Kate Silcock - @aliceinworryland.

If only I could go back.

I'd tell myself to stop worrying about how I look. Stop worrying about my stomach, my thighs, my acne, just stop and enjoy being in a beautiful place with a beautiful person.

I'd like to say that on this image I was full of confidence, loved my pre-child body and was full of self love. But I wasn't and I didn't. I felt fat. I felt unattractive and, at times, I found myself comparing myself to other people on the beach and around the pool wishing I had their stomach, their bum, or their smile.

Looking back at this image I want to hug the person but I also want to shake her. I look great: healthy, happy and full of life! Yet, I spent precious time wishing for what I thought I ' should' have, 'should' be or 'should' look like. And here I am seven years later, feeling myself slip into the same unkind and self criticising mindset.

It's time to stop. Time for change. Time to give ourselves the love and appreciation that our bodies deserve. Mother or not, our bodies are incredible and while looking after them is incredibly important health wise, how they look isn't the be all and end all.

Exercise is great and feeling good about yourself is even better; but, if you're struggling to be motivated and finding that you are holding on to what you may have looked or felt like years ago, and are then using this as a stick to beat yourself with, I beg you to stop and let it go...

You are here: in the here and now, you are alive. Make the plans, make the effort but do it to make you feel good, not just to make you look good. Once you let go of the pressure and the 'should be' mindset, you will find yourself happier, lighter and much more motivated to do what really makes you feel happy and amazing, inside and out.


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