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"Why I started a brand that champions women in business… because somebody needs to" - Rebecca Marley

Updated: Feb 3

Why I started a new subscription box brand that champions female founders fearless enough to challenge the barriers in an industry typically dominated by men.

Just one in five startups that receive investment is founded by a woman, leading to billions of pounds in lost innovation and growth – but change is coming and Fempowerment is joining the movement.

Female empowerment is at the core of the business but I wanted it to me more than just the end result to our audience; I wanted it to be at every single touch point from working with female freelancers for design and editorial, to only partnering with female founded/co-founded businesses.

Why? Because these brave women deserve to be in the spotlight for beating the odds. Just 13 per cent of senior people on UK investment teams are women, and almost half of investment teams have no women at all. This contributes to a stark gender imbalance in the businesses that investors decide to fund, just one in five of which is founded by a woman. The distinct gender bias women face understandably puts many female entrepreneurs off starting their own business. 

Since the creation of WAA, I have always gone out of my way to lift other women up, not by excluding men, but by highlighting how strong, intelligent and powerful we are, so I wanted to translate this into the box.

Before launching, I created a list of powerful female founded/co-founded brands that I had the pleasure of being introduced to through the publication as well as from a little extra research online. I was in awe of how many phenomenal women led businesses we had the potential of partnering with and selecting the 8 to feature in our Autumn launch box was no easy feat.

Elizabeth Scarlett, Founder of Elizabeth Scarlett

Kassi Emadi, Founder of nuddy

Anna Brightman, Co-Founder of UpCircle Beauty

Jane and 

Caroline Fora, Award Winning Author

Jane Richards and Amy Lindsay, Co-founders of Ark Colour Design

Ksenia and Tania, Founders of Superfood Bakery

Avonda Nelson Urben, Founder of The Perfect V

Kathryn Brown, Co-founder of Supertea

But the box is only the physical touchpoint where their stories start. In addition to the amazing items included inside, the content supplied is also equally as valuable as the product; within each box is a 20 page magazine that brings to life their inspirational stories of success and why their creations can make a positive impact on your life, and well-being. As well as, exclusive discounts and product tips.

To me, female empowerment is a call to action to support girls and women in self-actualising their inner power and while we are each a powerful force alone, we are all the more powerful when we're united in sisterhood.

One of the most impactful ways to be a woman that actually empowers women is to invest in female-run businesses because women who own businesses are constantly shortchanged. So go out of your way to support businesses that are owned and/or run by women, many female entrepreneurs lack adequate support in the form of funding or sweat equity so invest your time and/or money in competent, capable women who are making an impact.

The future is uncertain but thrilling. I can not wait to partner with even more inspiring female founders, watch this Fempire grow and continue the cycle of female empowerment with you.


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