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Wellness with Megan - 'using exercise as a tool to celebrate what the body can do'

Hi Megan, thank you so much for being involved in the Girl Gang Chat. Please can you introduce yourself to the Girl Gang?

Hi I’m Megan a wellness coach based in London. 

I work with individuals on a 1:1, 2:1 basis and though classes.

I design individual wellness packages that can include pilates, personal training, massage, lifestyle management. We work together to build a more content progressive life. 

I also teach apparatus and mat classical pilates classes in different studios in London and Hertfordshire.

I have worked in wellness for 5 years and I’m really passionate about the mind/body link, using exercise as a tool to celebrate what the body can do.

Have you always had an interest in Fitness & Wellness?

It started when I was about 14 I started running with my dad it really helped to build my confidence. I used to be all about the harder intense exercises the better but now I have a much rounder view of exercise and what the body and mind needs. 

For any of our readers who have never taken up pilates before, what are the benefits?

Pilates improves the body as a whole. Flexibility, mobility and strength. You get so well connected to your body and your develop your muscles in symmetry no body part will be developed more than the other and the exercises really work on correcting imbalances. 

Pilates works from the centre so your powerhouse (core) keeps you connected.

It’s great for shaping the body and working on the muscles which is great for injury prevention. It’s fun, fast, controlled and lively! 

Is pilates something we can all easily do at home?

Yes matwork pilates can be done at home and in the original teaching it was set as homework! You can also get small bits of apparatus such as magic circles which can really help you connect to the right places! I give my clients 6 exercises to do daily which takes as little as 4 minutes! 

As a massage therapist, do you recommend massage be included in everyone’s routine who regularly work out?

Massage should be part of your exercise routine. I do deep tissue massage which really gets deep into the muscles (it doesn’t hurt I promise!) allowing for more movement and mobility, fascia realise which is like a spiders webb around the body realising it reduces chance of injury. It helps to reduce stiffness and enables you to train more! It also helps relax the body and mind.

How do you stay motivated?

I have days where I’m more motivated than others. I try to do what I enjoy. I’ve worked hard to become in tune with my body and know what it needs and when. Some days it’s a run and a reformer session some days it’s a walk or a swim. I also plan my workouts which really helps if I’ve got a busy day I’ll get overwhelmed if I try and fit in a workout too. We have 7 days to play with so if I plan what days are best it will be a better more enjoyable workout. On the busy days getting my steps in is enough. 

What do you enjoy most about your work and having your own business?

I love planning programs for people and seeing people relax into a program that they trust and know they are going to progress with. They enjoy working hard and often. I love the shift in mindset from wanting to change their body to appreciating it. I also love going into companies and working with individuals to work on small ways you can improve your working day, fitting in workout snack (small break workouts and mind-fullness) during the working day. 

I love learning and having my own business means that I can work on building my individuality and knowledge and create a brand that I love. 

What does Wellness with Megan have in store for the future?

Developing a wellness journal and other wellness tools to help achieve a content life. Thinking of the different elements of contentment and overall happiness. Being happy in the present. 

Continuing to work with individuals on building on themselves.

And finally, what is your ‘me time’ moment?

Being with my family and friends. Going for a few gins with my friends and going away on a holibobs when I can!


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