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"The responsibility of nurturing another human being is as much of a gift as it is a challenge"

Hannah Mills is a first time mummy to Aubrey Mae, a personal trainer, a pre & post natal specialist & a mummy influencer.

I caught up with Hannah on all things motherhood below. You can check out Hannah's website by clicking the photo.

What is the definition of motherhood in your own words:

It's the best feeling ever, becoming a mummy has been the most rewarding & amazing yet very challenging thing I have ever experienced. Nothing can prepare you for the love, the tears, the highs and the lows. The responsibility for the nurturing of a little human being is a gift as much as a challenge.

How have your notions as a woman changed since motherhood?

My outlook on life has completely changed, I look at things totally differently than before. I couldn't believe how strong the immediate bond between mother and baby was, it's pure unconditional love. My priorities have totally changed.

What do you want or wish for most for Aubrey Mae?

I hope that she lives a meaningful life filled with love from herself and others as well as of course good health.

I know a lot of women who struggled with their own identity after becoming a mum, is this something you have experienced and if so how did you/do you deal with it?

This is definitely something I have been aware of. I am definitely not the person I was before, I don’t think anyone can be, motherhood without a doubt changes everything but I see it very much as evolving rather than losing, I haven't lost myself, I have evolved into a mummy which makes me even greater, better & stronger in ways I wasn't before.

How important has the support of other women/mums been for you?

Incredibly so, both in person and the online mummy community, especially the 3am buddies in the early weeks, just knowing someone is there and you aren't alone! As a first time mum you question everything and my mum & nana have been invaluable for this.

I would love to get your thoughts on the external pressures for mums, whether it be body pressure, the pressure to be wonderwoman every day, to be able to cope with everything, how do you deal with this? The bounce back pressure is one that I feel really strongly about, people don’t bounce back! We have given birth, we have grown a life! We need to remove this pressure and see it as we have evolved and become stronger. Social media of course feeds in to this, I am very conscious of being truthful and real on my instagram from baby sick through to not showering, showing realness and the struggles. My relationship with my body has completely shifted for the better, it is a experience I am extremely grateful to have gone through and I am in total owe of the female body & what it's capable of. Your wants in life totally change, I think all mums need to remind themselves that they have grown an actual human being and that it’s normal to have down days, sometimes you feel like wonderwoman having achieved putting a wash on or taking the dog for a walk. You just have to remind yourself you are doing a great and stay away from anything that doesn't make you feel like that.

What is your ‘you time’ moment?

A nice hot cup of tea, a bath, walking the dog alone and my workouts.

What has been your proudest mum moment so far?

I'm proud of everything, I'v given birth and kept a human being alive!

What is the best piece of advice you have been given? Go with your gut, mummies know their babies best, I think it is really easy to overthink things and perhaps doubt yourself but just go with what you think is best.

Anything you would like to share with mums out there or women considering children? Don’t ever compare, just do you. You are doing an amazing job, far better then you give yourself credit for. Be kind to yourself and look past overflowing laundry, messy dishes and embrace it because the days go slow but the months and the years fly by. Keep doing you.


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