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The importance of putting yourself first to not only move forward but to feel limitless - Fiona Moss

Tell me, are you stuck? 

Be honest. We don’t like to admit when everything isn’t perfect. But be honest. Are you stuck? 

How does that make you feel? Stressed, anxious, unfulfilled, annoyed? Is every day just a constant struggle to ‘keep up’? To fulfil all your roles...the ‘diligent’ employee, the ‘perfect’ wife/girlfriend, the ‘loyal’ friend’, the athlete, the cook, the house-keeper, not to mention if you have kids…..the ‘devoted’ mum! Women wear a lot of hats, and if this wasn’t enough, the need to ‘perfect’ them all is a persistent pressure society likes to burden us with.

No wonder you feel stuck! Look how much you are juggling! How can you move forward when you have so much on? Where is there space to step back, to consider, to grow, to achieve your goals? 

Now I know we haven’t met but I can tell you one thing for sure - you are not stuck! 

I know because I felt the same and I hear it so often with my clients. We all worry so much about dropping the image of ‘perfect’ that we are risking so much. 

Have you ever thought though that maybe if you stopped trying to perfect the everyday you could build your perfect life? 

It’s time to break all that down, time to take away those pressures, time to make space, time for you to get unstuck and start to achieve more. 

Ok, so how….?

Firstly let’s stop for a second and think what that perfect life would look like. What would you be doing? Where would you be living? What are those goals you want to achieve? 

Keep that thought in your head a moment. And now ask yourself why you aren’t already doing it. It’s not because you are ‘stuck’. 

Now ask yourself what are you doing with your time? What are those menial, every day tasks, which we do to ‘fill’ our time? Who are you doing those things for? Where in your life can you say NO more, create more space, get smarter with how you work? Where are you procrastinating for fear of something not being perfect?

You are giving too much of yourself, your time and your energy away and not keeping any for you - for you to achieve those dreams. You are running around trying to do everything, be everything to everyone. You are seeking approval. You want to people please. You want to impress. You are focusing on the external, on the superficial, rather than looking internal. You feel you need to ‘keep up’ what you have started and guess what, you feel stuck. 

I’ll say it again, you are not stuck. 

So the answer is simple. 

Stop giving away your time. Stop believing you need to run round after everyone else, start saying no more and take back your time. Stop seeking the approval of others, and focus on what you want with your life, start to open up space to work towards that goal, give yourself time to look after yourself, your health, your happiness. Accept imperfections in the everyday and think about the bigger picture.

Focus on YOUR life, focus on putting YOUR goals first, YOUR needs, YOUR wants. Focus on where you are giving away your time and where you can open up space for you to move forward. It is not selfish to prioritise yourself, so schedule time in your diary for YOU and don’t move it! Take back control because when you feel you are in control of your own life, you feel calmer, happier, healthier, you feel more fulfilled, you feel stronger to help others. When you begin to move forward and realise your worth, when you realise the importance of putting your first, you realise you are limitless.

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