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Selling is 90% conviction & only 10% persuasion. Sales Tips by Chelsea Cox.

I was recently asked to share my top sales tips with a group of fantastic women looking to pivot their businesses during these crazy times. The feedback was fantastic, so I thought I would share these wide in the hope that they will help you whilst trying to drive your business through these rocky roads.

1. As the title says, selling is 90% conviction and only 10% is persuasion. Before you sell your product or service to anyone, you have to be totally convinced that the product is good, that you know it inside out, backwards and upside down, that you are convinced that the product or service will support the person you are selling to and you are convinced it is going to benefit them. Back in my days of being trained in sales, quite often we would be asked to role play a sale, which isn't something I personally would ever make someone do in front of a group of people BUT I find it beneficial to talk through a sale to myself, something you can try at home, go through in your head, out loud or via pen & paper the possible outcomes of the sale, what questions will the customer ask? Talk or write out your answers to all possible questions until you are convinced yourself.

2. Find the problem you solve & sell that solution. This in part goes back to your own conviction and will help with that approach if you are convinced of the solution you offer but this tip is more important for your external sales approach. This is essentially what will go into your marketing to ultimately sell your products or services. Some questions I get my clients to ask themselves are these: Who is your ideal customer/client? (This is sometimes the trickiest questions and requires a lot of thought) Does your product or service package reflect your ideal customer/client? (Pricing, Branding, Messaging) How does your product or service package support your ideal customer/client? What problem does it solve for them?

3. Know your worth, your value hasn't decreased because of the pandemic. I have had to stop a lot of my clients during these turbulent times from decreasing their prices and offering products or services for free. It seems to be quite a regular pattern, especially for women in business and I get it... it is so important that we pull together and support each other through these times, I am completely onboard with this but please don't do it at the detriment of your business. If you want to offer something to support others at a low cost or for free, create something new, don't devalue your current portfolio of products or services.

4. Collaboration over competition. Use this time to reach out to people you have always wanted to work with, whether it's to create some content together, collaborate on a new product or service or simply help each other raise awareness of each of your businesses. We rise by lifting others.

5. Use this time to make your business stronger for the future. Look at your revenue streams, how can you make them stronger? How could you widen those streams? That list of business ideas you have in a notebook somewhere, get it out and have a look through them, how could you make them happen?

6. Finally, start seeing sales & marketing as the same aspect of your business, they both have to speak to each other, mirror each other and compliment each other. I have come across many businesses who work with these as separate entities without one complimenting the other, once the process has been put in place to allow fluid communication between the two, it makes for a much more successful business.

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