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Meet Nicola - Well Defined's Brand Manager

Nicola has joined Well Defined as Brand Manager, ready to take on what is set to be an epic 2020 for the brand, we thought we would introduce her in true Well Defined style with a Girl Gang interview of course!

Hey Nic, it’s so great to have you onboard! Let’s start with a bit of an introduction to yourself:

Hello! I’m Nicola (most people call me Nic!) I have recently left the Beauty\Retail industry to start a new adventure with Well Defined which I am super thrilled about! I’m a huge animal lover, especially dogs, as you will see……..all will be revealed! 

Having spent such a huge part of your career in the beauty industry, what do you see being “on trend” for 2020? 

I think wellness will become even more popular in 2020, Virtual Wellness and Wellness Retreats . Even myself personally, I am more aware of taking care of myself and enjoy the odd spa weekend! Also, I see a real shift towards clean beauty and less packaging within the beauty industry generally.

What’s the craziest beauty treatment or product you have come across?

I have had a lot of different beauty treatments over the years from working in Beauty Spas &Salons but one facial I could not see myself having is the ‘Snail Facial’. That does not sound or look at all appealing!

What excites you the most about joining Well Defined?

I am excited to show my creative side, get hands on with projects and take ownership of the Girl Gang Newsletter! Every day will be different and I get to work with Chels & Suz, what could be better?!

The underlying message of Well Defined is #babessupportingbabes, how important are the women in your life and who is your go to gal?

I am lucky to be surrounded by some great women in my life who are all extremely important to me. However, my go to gal has to be my twin sister Caroline. We are extremely close and do so much together. She has recently given me a gorgeous nephew too who I love dearly!

Some quick fire questions for you:

What’s your go to “me time” moment?

Watching a scary film on Netflix, cup of tea to hand and a bar of Dairy Milk Mint Oreo!

Favourite Book:

That’s a tough one! I recently read Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty which I loved.

Best holiday destination:

Has to be Vegas!

A quote you live by:

YOLO which drives my boyfriend mad!

Nicola heads up Well Defined's social media and Girl Gang Newsletter, if you would like to contribute or collaborate please do get in touch:


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