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Meet Makeup Artist Lois Moorcroft

We caught up with Lois, Mum of two and Makeup Artist to find out about her successful career! Her 'Makeup Monday' Instagram stories are a must see and great if you are looking for help with a specific area or look!! To get some fab Makeup and Skincare tips follow Lois on Instagram by clicking on the image.

Hi Lois, thank you so much for being involved in the Girl Gang Chat! Have you always had an interest in makeup and skincare?

As a kid I was always intrigued by makeup. I loved watching my Mum and my Nan making you their faces. Both of their routines were so different, and this really fascinated me. The versatility of makeup and that you could use it to express a part of yourself. My Nan’s makeup was so minimal and chic. My Mums was more trendy; being an 80s baby she had so much colour in her makeup collection. I remember her having blue mascara and a very vivid pink Lipstick which I wore whenever I could get my hands on it! This passion as a kid grew to a very keen interest in my teens, and although I didn’t wear much myself, and still don’t, I knew I wanted to work in Fashion so I could really play with makeup!

How did your career begin as a makeup artist?

It was a “kind of by accident” story. There are a lot of hairdressers in the family. My parents always said how tough a job it could be and that it could be hard to make a living. This had me a bit torn when it came to choosing my A-Levels and when I just couldn’t make up my mind at the last minute I chose the safe bet and did a Media Studies course. Watching movies for grades sounded easy while I worked out my Plan B. During the course we had to make a music video and I was really particular about how the styling of the video would be. What each character would look like. I reach for tonnes of fashion magazines and as I turned the pages of this wildly exciting pages I kept seeing the same names pop up. It dawned on me that this must be an actual job!

I left that college after 1 year, went to London College of Fashion doing a course on hair and makeup. After another year all I wanted to do, was get out there and work on as many faces as I could. So I dropped out again and secured myself a job with MAC. After a year with MAC I quickly worked up the ranks and became a Trainer where I discovered my passion for teaching people how to do makeup.

After 9 years at MAC I left to focus on my freelance career as I had always had that dream of working in Fashion and getting to makeup for runway shows. Fast forward  6 years to now where I’m a regular working backstage on shows across NY, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks working with so many incredible artists and on the shows I always dreamed about as a teen back at school.

Which element of your job do you most enjoy?

Hand on heart, I love the fact that no two days are the same and you really do learn something new every single day.

I get to work with some many inspiring people, travel to some incredible places and all the while doing a job I truly love.

Shows for me are the best. It’s a high vibe, high intensity environment that really challenges you to remain calm in the chaos. It’s taught me how to achieve really tough looks very quickly (think big black smokey eyes as a full look in 10 minutes), lots of ways to achieve the same look by watching other artists do their thing and how to create so many different looks, even the ones you don’t find so appealing, but finding a way to get there and to make it look beautiful. I love the challenge and it really pushes me outside my comfort zone!

What has been the highlight of your career so far and what are you most proud of?

There have been some amazing moments. Getting to meet my heroes and working on their faces is most definitely up there on the list. Also the first season I worked on shows, I went to Milan and Paris on a total whim and with zero money and managed to pick up my first shows as a freelance artist. Some of those teams I still work on now 6 years later.

How do you feel social media impacts and affects women's views on the way they  look?

Social media has done so much for the beauty industry. It’s really propelled it into the spotlight and created so much diversity in the field. It’s given so many people like myself, a platform to showcase their work is a way that is completely organic and fun. It does however have its flip side. In my opinion it’s created a very specific look that has become less creative and more generic as so many people churn out similar looks.

What can we do as a generation to change this?

Embracing makeup as a tool to enhance and not to hide. Being comfortable with who you are no matter how you look. Remembering that what you do with your own face is your choice, and should not be determined by what you see on your feed.

How do you find juggling work and being a mum?

For me, I’ve always believed that one of the most important lessons you can teach your children is how important it is to do a job you love, and how to make it work for you so you can support your family. When I go away for work trips which can sometimes be up to 2 weeks long at a time I give them plenty of time to adapt really helps. The nature of my work means that I don’t have a regular schedule so we also have to learn how to organise the kids at a moments notice which we’ve both got pretty good at. But we’re human, sometimes we still mess up. I try not to put too much pressure on myself and avoid the self talk that makes me feel guilty when I leave them, because I know that it’s also important for my partner to share the role.

And finally, just for fun, if you could only take 3 makeup/skincare items on a desert island with you what would you choose?

Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Balm

Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser

Glossier Stretch Concealer


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