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Meet Beth - Founder of BAO Skincare

My name is Beth and I am the founder of BAO Making Skin Happy.

I've always had a passion for natural skin care and my friends used to refer to me as the ‘hippie one’. I remember when I was only 10 years old making body scrubs out of sugar, avocado and olive oil in the kitchen. So when I turned 22 I took a side step from my degree in graphic design and photography and completed a diploma in natural beauty therapy and nutrition. I completed my diploma in Australia, where I live for 4 glorious years (age 22-26) so it was wonderful to be exposed to such a natural holistic way of life. I fit in perfectly with my obsession for surfing, walks along the beach and bbq’s. Then I returned home in 2009 because of became very poorly.  I was diagnosed with crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis shortly after arriving home. I had dropped 5 kilos and was already small weighing only 65kg and 5ft 7. The next 5 years were good and I controlled my IBD with medication. I set up a beauty business from home and loved life.

So, after nearly 10 years in the beauty industry, where I had set up from scratch and owned my own beauty salon I decided to launch a skincare brand that was simple, pure, honest and fuss free. I decided to call it BAO because I wished for it to represent me & my passion “Beth's Aromatherapy Organic” skincare. I've been making skincare products for around 6 years but really started getting into it when my skin started to become really sensitive from all the medication I was on because of my inflammatory bowel diease- ulcerative colitis. 

BAO has just started its’ second year of trading and since launching my skin care products they seem to be very loved and my brand is growing each month! They are all handmade by myself in my home in Dorset. I make the products in small batches to retain the ingredients therapeutic properties and freshness. Every product I make is 100% vegan, natural , mostly organic and cruelty-free, I have thoughtfully handcrafted each product from beautifully effective ingredients that are sustainably & ethically sourced, and have now been certified by COSMOS Soil Association and The Vegan Society.

I am committed to providing simple, gentle, natural products that are safe for your skin & the environment, that are fuss free and clean.  They are all free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, petrochemicals & mineral oils. I believe in using natural ingredients that are the most powerful healing agents of physical regeneration for attaining noticeable results that you can see and feel. I have formulated all of the products so they can help bring balance to the body’s largest organ — the skin — as an entry to calming and restoring the totality of your body + mind + spirit.

I think what makes my brand special is me, my passion, my years of knowledge in the beauty industry and the fact that I am real, honest and really care for my customers and their wellbeing.  As all of my products are handmade by me I think this makes a huge difference too, as with larger organic natural skincare brands are made in factories. So my customers can rest assured knowing exactly what is going into each one.

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing. The last 5 years I have really battled with my IBD. Constantly in and out of hospital and on so many steroids and other nasty drugs, they all stopped working so surgery was my last resort. So in September this year I had my first operation- a loop ileostomy, and now have a stoma bag, hoping this would ease my symptoms and rushing to the toilet 20 times a day. But unfortunately it did not and I had hit rock bottom. So at the end of November I am going in for a sub colectomy (removal of my entire large intestines). I am nervous but also excited as this has to work, this has to stop my pain, so I can go on and live my life. I am so blessed that I have worked for myself for the past 10 years, choosing the hours I work has made it less stressful with my IBD, although it has been hard this year to take nearly 4 months off work. 

But I love life and I am always positive and as happy as I can be.  I try and live each day by saying to myself ‘don’t worry about the small things’ and I still do believe everything happens for a reason so try to live by that, I also believe in treating everyone as I wish to be treated. 

Now in 2019, I love how we are all starting to care for our planet, shopping more consciously and supporting small brands. With my skincare brand I try my best to be plastic-free hence I moved all of my jars over to glass despite this costing me more per unit and in postage. But it is hard as I am still a new brand and try to keep costs low whilst producing quality products. For now I am looking into recycled packaging to post my products out in along with actually bottles and containers. One day BAO Skincare will be 100%  sustainable and eco-friendly.

I hope you will all enjoying trying my BAO products and watch how they really do make your skin happy! Love, Beth


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