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"I understood what negative views on women society had but knew that I wouldn't let it apply to me"

I had the pleasure of interviewing boss babe Hannah Rafter on all things Feminism.

Hannah tell us a little about yourself:

Hi there! I’m Hannah, 24, living in Central London. I currently run The Intern 24/7 as well as being the Fashion Editor and Community Manager at Enty, a fashion styling app. I also am a Guest Editor for Fashion United and have been known to speak about my experiences and career to university students.

Are you openly a feminist?

YES YES YES, Who isn’t?! For as long as I can remember. I think around 13 I asked my mum what being a feminst means and since then I have openly associated myself with the term.

Define Feminism in your own words:

Feminism to me is equality, in every sense of the word. Economically, culturally, socially and politically. It's not about one gender being better than the other. Feminism means equality for ALL sexes no matter how you identify.

Why is Feminism important to you and why do you think it’s important for future generations?

Feminism has always been important to me, I feel very lucky that I grew up in a household where gender norms weren't obvious. My mum was the breadwinner and very successful. My dad was also successful but took on a more nurturing role. I never grew up thinking my gender would limit me, this was due to my parents support, teaching and outlook on life. I understood what negative views on women society had but knew that I wouldn't let it apply to me. Feminism should be important for current and future generations, it's a better life for all. The more people get comfortable with the concept the better opportunities and lives people will have. It’s very simple for me.

Have you ever experienced any misconceptions of yourself due to being a feminist?

I have had conversations with people who think feminism is man hating or unneeded. I always find these conversations difficult and tricky as it’s hard being a young person and defending a point to your peers. People who speak openly about a topic they are passionate about are always judged a little as sadly it’s not the norm, as a society, people keep things private. Whether it’s about how much money you have or who you vote for in elections, people would rather keep quiet. This needs to change.

A lot of people I talk to about feminism, refer to themselves as a “equalist”. I would love to get your thoughts on this.

I am ok with whatever the word is as long as the meaning stays the same, I understand why people don’t like feminism due to ‘feminine’ which of course relates to females. If people need a new word in order to be comfortable with the term and meaning then great. Feminism isn’t about the word, it about the movement and the change that is needed. People see feminism as a dirty word, like Emma Watson once said. If changing that brings the movement forward, then great.

What is the one thing at the top of your mind  that you feel could change through feminism?

Peoples outlook on women and their purpose. It is very old, boring and outdated to see women as secondary to men. Not all women prioritise having children and a lot less women give a shit about how much makeup is on their face than people think, therefore old stereotypes need to die. We are interesting people, just as interesting as men and the more men and women who accept that the more opportunities both genders will have. I think there are plenty of women who are uncomfortable with the term feminism, this really needs to change. It’s sad.

A large part of feminism (in my opinion) is eliminating girl hate and supporting other women, do you agree? And if so, how do you support this?

I’m not sure I think it’s a large part of feminism, as I think we need to support both genders not just other women. I do however think women’s relationship with their own gender can improve and we can be less competitive and more supportive. We have grown up in a society where its newsworthy for women to be pitted against each other and for us as individuals to compare ourselves. If we are supportive and caring to one another we will all feel a little less alone and understand that we really can do anything we put our minds to.

What is your favourite feminist quote?

“I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” Madonna

Not sure if this is a feminist quote but it’s true and makes me laugh.

Would you recommend any feminist focussed materials such as books or podcasts that would allow the readers of this interview to discover more about feminism in a positive way?

How to be a woman & How to be a girl by Catlin Moran, she is brilliant, the book is brilliant

Feminists don’t wear pink by Scarlett Curtis - great book with many explanations of what feminism means to lots of women in popular culture, politics, the media and activists! It’s a great starter book for someone who is struggling with the term.


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