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Happy 2020 Babes - WD founder, Chelsea Cox

Hey Girl Gang, 

I hope you all had an epic Christmas and New Year, I certainly did! Are you feeling ready for the year ahead? 2020 sounds pretty magical, right? There’s always so much pressure to start afresh in a new year, I get it, it’s great to have a new chapter but you don’t need to put yourself under horrendous pressure to have your year planned out by the 1st of Jan, plus, no business works like that! I am yet to meet a business owner who has had a year go to plan so yes have those goals, dreams and plans but don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t made them all happen by February, be kind to yourself. 

I wanted to use this opportunity if you don’t mind to reintroduce Well Defined, what we do, how we could potentially help you in 2020, yay! Well Defined is a business consultancy specialising in sales and events, essentially we can help you make money and noise, just a little overview of who we work with and what we do for them:


- We work with brands on their annual strategies 

- Support them in creating new revenue streams and strengthening existing ones

- Help them make noise through events 

- Train their teams in the art of selling 

- Provide a sounding board for new ideas

Small Businesses

-  Strategy development and integration 

- Support in creating revenue streams 

- Sales training 

- Help them make noise through events & campaign strategies 

- Support in expansion plans and forecasting 

- Provide a sounding board for new ideas


- Support in commercialising events 

- Full strategic support 

- Help with planning 

- Provide a sounding board for the event 

- Aid in the creation of new revenue streams 


I personally provide a package dedicated to individuals looking for business support with their idea or established business, perfect for both service & product led businesses. This includes:

- An initial deep dive document into your business to understand your struggles 

- A 1 hour Zoom call to discuss your concerns 

- A follow up strategy document full of ideas, opportunities and solutions

Feel free to drop me an email to find out more:

I will also be hosting a WD Sales Masterclass in London on the 25th of January, this is essentially a 3 hour workshop to teach you sales techniques and give you confidence in your selling ability, I am so excited for this as it will be the start of creating a community of women on their sales journey supporting each other. You can find out more by clicking on the image below.

I am always keen to hear new ideas or create new ways of working together, should you have an idea for an event, partnership or the like that you would like to chat through you know where I am babe! 

Have a fantastic start to the year and remember to take the pressure off and be kind to yourself. 

Much love

Chelsea x


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