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Elizabeth Chandler - Eyelash Extension Artist

I got into lashes back in 2008.  I saw a full set on a family member and I was fascinated with how natural they were.  They were applied by a Nouveau Lashes Technician so I signed up for the course almost immediately.  I already had a beauty business so introducing lashes was a huge benefit to my clients. They were not in the least popular yet.  I was hooked almost

straight away and I decided to specialise within a year. I rented studios in Mayfair and Belgravia in the early days.  This was tricky as getting the word out there wasn't easy back in 2009. Facebook wasn't really used as much as an advertising platform and Instagram just wasn't a thing yet.  It was all about getting out there and networking. I remember going to wedding shows at Harrods and meeting people who I still am in contact with today.  

I had a lot of regular clients from Bromley as that is the area I live in.  The business grew to a full time 6 days a week with late evenings four nights per week.  The natural progression was open my own salon. I loved the planning of this project from the logo design to the decoration to working on finding some great staff.  The salon named simply LASH. Opened In 2014 in South East London. We were one of the only lash only salons in the country at the time and we became extremely popular.  I taught everyone that worked for me to develop a

style that was unique to LASH. I had decided early on that I needed to be developing my own brand of lashes. Back in 2009 the only lashes available to buy did not give me the flexibility to use more than one lash. Finding a manufacturer that could supply exactly what I needed was a challenge after a good 8 months I found a great flexible factory that was progressive for the time, they helped me develop finer lashes in various lengths.  I knew that I needed to find finer based lashes that were going to preserve the natural lashes better than the alternatives available. Things have moved on considerably now and there is a lot of lash brands around. I do believe my lashes are the best quality out there. I have developed ranges of strip lashes that have been used on many TV shows including Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, Worn by stars such as Jordan Dunn, AnnMarie, Chery Cole and many more famous faces!

 I am self taught in all volume techniques although I do regularly go to master level training and mentoring sessions in order to keep in front of developing technology and products. I naturally love to pass on skills and learn from others so I trained to become a qualified teacher of lashes and I am a full member of the Guild of Therapy Lecturers  and I am an accredited trainer. I set up my academy Detail Lash in 2018. I love to mentor and I really enjoy seeing my students thrive.  

I decided to sell my business LASH. in 2018 to pursue my own dream career in luxury lash extensions. I had a handful of high profile clients that I wanted to dedicate more time to and to focus on my residency at The W Hotel.  I now visit many high profile women in London and have various bases in Chelsea Notting Hill and I still work from my home occasionally for those special long term clients. I enjoy my home visits immensely. I really enjoy the creative side of my job and meeting inspirational people and bonding with clients is just a real added bonus for me.  I have been very lucky to have amazing clients over the years that trust me.

My brand has developed as has my reputation for being a perfectionist and for being completely devoted to delivering styles my clients love but also for looking after the natural lash as my number 1 priority.  My newest venture is something I'm very excited about. For years I have noticed there is a real gap in the market for individual lashes that can be applied at home that are easy to use and of premium quality. I'm very proud of this new range and I would like to see them retailing in some luxury department stores.  As of writing some prominent makeup artists have been reviewing and loving them. Watch this space!

I love my job and I want to continue to grow, learn, adapt and flourish.

Love your work and you'll never work a day in your life. x


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