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An Interview with the Townsend Twins - Chloe & Francesca

Hi Francesca & Chloe, thank you so much for being involved in the Girl Gang Chat. Please can you introduce yourselves to the Girl Gang?

Hay Girl Gang, we are the Townsend Twins, Chloé and Francesca,Fitness instructors/ Presenters from Essex. We love teaching our fitness classes and events together! We love inspiring others to get active and keep fit through different forms of exercise. We like to portray the message that everyone (age, shape, size, ability) can attend a class - it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner!  EVERYONE is welcome!

Tell us about your business as the Townsend Twins and how did it start?

We started our fitness business 10 years ago, after college we both decided we wanted to try & pursue a career working together in the fitness industry, we got the qualifications we needed at the age of 18 and our business has just grown from there really! We are now teaching over 40 classes a week, training some fabulous clients,  warming up some amazing events around the UK and also performing with different acts in front of thousands of people!

What do you enjoy most about working together?

Working together is like working with your best friend - what’s not to enjoy! We do have our differences sometimes like all siblings do but it’s great to have a teammate that you can trust, never lets you down and can work towards great achievements together! Sharing the stage with your twin, dancing in front of thousands of people can be breathtaking!

We also love dressing the same and very thankful to have the fabulous brand tikiboo sending happy colourful and bright outfits!

Have you both always had a passion for dance and fitness?

We have grown up always having a passion for dance and fitness, at the age of 3 we attend classes in Ballet, Morden, Tap and Jazz! We love performing and feel very lucky to make a career of something we feel so passionate about and love!

A big part of your job is to motivate others, how do you both stay motivated yourselves?

Teaching classes back to back can be tiring, but when we turn up to our classes and see all our fabulous clients ready to take on a class motivates us to keep on going. Whatever reason they are at the class, it’s important to us to make sure we give a positive, happy, energetic class to make everyone feel great during & after the sessions.

- Taking part in other fitness professional classes/events can really motivate & inspire us as it’s great to see others achieving their goals too!

How do you feel social media impacts and affects women's views on their body image?

Social media has a very big impact on everyone these days and does affect how we see ourselves regarding our body image! We are quick to compare ourselves to anyone on social media and think that they have it better than us - we all do it including us!

There are plenty of pages out there trying to sell fad diets or quick fixes and this doesn’t help us either!

We think - As long as you are happy in your own skin and look after yourself the best way you can then that’s all that matters!

And you have to treat yourself sometimes - we love an afternoon tea!

What can we do as a generation to change this?

The best thing to do is follow the people that inspire you and who send a positive message about body image. Avoid following people that are trying to tell you to change yourself by selling products!

Future generations (and now) should focus on themselves and not worry about what anybody else is doing!

What does the future hold for the Townsend Twins?

We haven’t got any big plans for the future as of yet, we love what we are doing right now so just continue to grow and help others.

We have a great event with a lovely friend coming up called Empower You - which is a body confidence photoshoot morning - more events like this will be great!

And finally, what is your me time moment?

We rarely get much down time or time to ourselves but when we do we like to spend it with friends and family! And sometimes treat ourselves to a spa day.


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