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An Interview with Made by Mammas - Georgia & Zoe

Hi Georgia and Zoe! Thank you so much for being involved in The Girl Gang. I would love if you could both introduce yourselves please?

Hello! We are Zoe Hardman, a TV & Radio Broadcaster, step mum to Isla who’s 6 and mum to Luna 3 and Kit who’s 18 months old. And Georgia Dayton a Beauty Marketing Manager and mum to Axel who’s 3 and 5 month old GiGi. We met whilst on maternity leave with our first children, sitting in a coffee shop in Cheltenham. Both of us are originally from the London area, but found ourselves moving to the countryside with our partners, a rugby player and a footballer, who signed for the local teams. A little bit lost and finding our feet, we swapped numbers and spent the first year of motherhood, walking round the park, drinking coffee, working out and crying into our glasses of red wine. Made by Mammas was born after we both felt that there wasn’t a safe space online to have honest, real conversations about parenting, without judgement. Also we wanted to provide a place where people could find out about the best products and brands in the parenting space. 

How did the Made by Mammas podcast first start? 

We decided to take the conversations to a podcast so that parents could listen whilst driving in their car or pounding the pavements pushing their prams. We feel so passionately about normalising all of the ‘real’ moments in motherhood, the good, the bad and the ugly!

For anyone who hasn’t listened to the podcast yet, what can they expect?

Expect conversations from famous faces and experts, around body confidence, feeding, sleep, reflux, weaning, sex after kids, IVF, twins…you name it, we talk about it! Previous guests have included Jules Oliver, Kimberley Walsh, Vogue Williams, Zoe Williams, Georgia Jones to name just a few. We also discuss our favourite products, from car seats to cover ups, beauty serums to over the bump jeans. We provide tried and tested opinions on brands we love and the things we can’t live without. 

Is the podcast just for mums, or would someone without children enjoy listening?

It’s definitely not just for parents, we get a lot of messages from people saying they don’t have kids but love the podcast! Obviously there are certain subjects that someone without kids might not find interesting but there’s definitely something in there for everyone! We also hope that dads might enjoy listening too…

How do you both find juggling work and children?

I mean, it’s not easy but both of us love being busy and we have a great network of people helping us with the kids. Me, Zoe, has Lucy who takes care of Luna and Kit three days a week and a very hands on husband Paul, who shares the entire load at home. And me, Georgia, I have my mum and dad and hubby James who all muck in with the childcare situation. We try really hard to split our time; build our business but also have quality time with our amazing little ones. I think both of feel like we’re not doing anything to the best of our abilities because every part of life requires so much attention BUT we are happy and we do our best…that’s all that matters right? 

Lots of mums talk about ‘mum guilt’, is that something either of you have felt as a working mum?

Big time!! There is a constant feeling of guilt that never really goes away. Especially when the kids are crying at the door when we leave for work…it stays with you the whole day. (Zoe) I constantly tell them how much I love my job and how important it is to work to for my happiness etc. Luna listens to me on Heart on Sunday mornings and gets so excited when she hears me. She’s starting to understand that mummy works and she’s ok with that. 

How important do you think it is for women and mums to support each other?

It is the most important thing! Cutting women down and judging them has no place in our society today. We are all trying to do our best in life and we don’t need anyone passing comment or trying to make us feel shit about our choices. It’s hard enough being a mother anyway, it can feel isolating and lonely and what we need is encouragement and love, not finger pointing and shaming. We both have zero time for it. I read this quote the other day that really resonated with me, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”. If we all let go of the anger towards other people and start supporting one another, I truly feel we change the world. There is space for all of us in this world, we don’t need to tear other women down to make our own mark.

I know you are both into your beauty products, what is your favourite go to product and why?

For me Zoe, it’s got to be the MURAD Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum which is just incredible for fine lines and pigment damage. 

And for me Georgia, at the moment I’m loving the Maybelline Eraser Concealer. Even if I’m having a mostly no make up day, I’ll just put this under my eyes and on any redness I might have, and I instantly look more awake! Plus its only £8.99, bargain! 

What does Made by Mammas have instore for the future?

We love this question! We are working on a really exciting project at the moment with our go to parenting coaches, Chris and Rose from Expect The Best, which will be something brilliant for 2020. We’ll let you know when we can! We’re also going to be carrying on the podcast each Tuesday as we love it so much…lots going on!

And Finally, if you could give one bit of advice to a new mum, what would it be?

Do not put so much pressure on yourself. The ‘perfect’ mother doesn't exist. If you only manage to shower or put your comfies on each day in those first few months, well then that’s a win! Also please don't’ stress about what everyone else’s babies are doing…each child does things at their own pace. Walking, crawling, teeth, talking…roll with it, it’ll happen eventually!

To listen to the Made by Mammas podcast click here


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