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An Interview with KIHT Collective founder Danielle King

Hi Danielle, thank you so much for being involved in the Girl Gang Chat. Please can you introduce yourself to the Girl Gang?

Hi! I’m Danielle, firstly thanks so much for inviting me to your Girl Gang Chat! I run KIHT Collective, a soon to be launching ethical, trend led gym wear brand. Alongside this, I run a blog and host free fitness events that are all about connecting the fitness community, having fun and getting sweaty!

I’m a bit too enthusiastic about most things, a big foodie and dog mama to a whippet, his name is Marvin. Think that just about sums me up!

What was your inspiration for starting KIHT?

It was defo a combination of things. Firstly, I have always been really into living an active and healthy lifestyle. Before I quit my job to set up KIHT Collective I was running the design team at Pretty Little Thing and previous to that Missguided. My background and passion has always been design and I have been lucky enough to build a great career out of it. But I just felt something was missing for me and there were aspects of the business that I really didn’t like.

Alongside this, I was really struggling to buy good gymwear! Then one day it just hit me! Why the hell is only the expensive gymwear nice! I just couldn’t understand why there wasn’t anything cheaper that did the same job! I just wanted to go to the gym and feel cute and comfortable in my gym outfit, I didn’t want to look like a total ‘gym’ person covered in labels, ticks and bright colours.

Have you always had an interest in Fitness & Wellness?

Always! From a young age my dad got me into pretty much everything, me and my bro both had a ton of energy and still do now! We were super active, but not focused on any one particular sport, this meant I got to try so many things and learnt so much, which I have taken into my adult life and am so grateful for!

The Wellness side came a little later! Firstly, through discovering my dairy intolerance in my late teens, early twenties. I learnt a lot about food in a really short space of time, nutrition and cooking became a big part of my life from that point. I became fascinated by it! Over the last few years I’ve been really getting into self development and absolutely loving the journey it is taking me on!

It’s the biggest thing I love about fitness and wellness, you are constantly learning and growing.

How do you stay motivated?

Good Question! Motivation is not a constant for me, some days I am more motivated than others, it's natural!

I would say a big lesson I’ve learnt working for myself is about being consistent. For me, goal setting and planning has really helped this. It keeps me focused on my goals and helps me push through on the days I am not as motivated.

When it comes to training regularly, one of my biggest tips is to plan it in. I bullet journal every week without fail and plan in my workouts alongside my work and any other things I have going on. Making time for my training means I stick to it, I like to get granular with it too, so plan what I will train each day and book in a time, this way I know I’ll commit to it!

What do you enjoy most about your work and having your own business?

I love that it is all on you! If it goes wrong, right, whatever it's all down to you! I love the challenge, I get bored really easily and love that you are constantly learning new things, not just about the business but about yourself too. You have to have a lot of mental resilience as it's such a rollercoaster!

How do you feel social media impacts and affects women's views on their body image?

This is such a tough subject. I think on the whole it’s mainly been negative. Even before social media, women have been taught to view their bodies in a negative light. Social media just became a brighter much more negative light for body image.

I do think that it is changing, a lot more people are using social media for change, positivity and to share information about self love, mindset and body image, it's so good to see!

What can we do as a generation to change this?

I believe we all need to work to play a part in the change. As a generation we are the first to be growing up in a social media driven society. Instagram is only 10 years old, so it is still very new. The huge positive, is we now see how it is impacting society, change can start to happen as we are aware. Personally I would like to see more on mindset development, shifting the focus away from the importance of merely appearance and more on function, health and happiness. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to be ‘the best versions of ourselves’ and looking after yourself, but it needs to come from the right place and not just focused on the shell.

What does KIHT have in store for the future?

This year we will launch our first gymwear range and my aim is to have fun doing it, so we will be working with some amazing influencers, putting on some exciting events and continuing to build our community of like minded babes!

Finally, what is your me time moment?

This has been one of my goals for this year! I am really bad at relaxing and doing nothing. My goal has been to book one evening a week as a self care night.

Right now, my ‘me time moment’ is, chilling out and reading a book, atm I’m reading Big Magic, which I am loving! Or, I will do a full at home facial, face mask the works! It feels super indulgent and love actually planning it into my week!


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