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An Interview with Fempowerment Box founder Rebecca Marley

Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for being involved in the Girl Gang Chat. Please can you introduce yourself to the Girl Gang?

Hello ladies, my name is Rebecca Marley and I am the founder of Fempowerment Box, a seasonal subscription box designed to boost the confidence of UK women through discovery, content and sisterhood.

I am originally from a small rural village in Cheshire but moved to Newcastle 8 years ago for university, after falling in love with the city I decided I wasn’t ready to leave so landed myself a full time job in advertising soon after graduating. After 3 intense, exciting, challenging and stressful years I finally learnt what the work-life balance was NOT. Having always had a passion for entrepreneurship, I used my ‘I’m over this sh*t’ as the inspiration to follow my dream and make a start on building my business at the age of 24.

When I am not working on making The Fempire an empowering place for women to hang out (more on that if you keep reading) I like to spend my time eating food, thinking about food, watching food, cooking food and dreaming about food either alone or with loved ones, the latter being the preferred. Oh and some yoga flow sessions every once in a while.

How did the Fempowerment Box first start and what was your inspiration?

My business journey has been a bit of a whirlwind the last few years but long story short, I knew I wanted to create something for women that improved their self-worth, boosted their confidence, helped them self-actualise their inner power and encourage them to understand what incredible and capable humans they are. We (UK women) currently have the second lowest confidence score in the world and I wanted to try and change that.

I had started an online magazine a few months prior and was constantly being introduced to phenomenal women, women who had found the confidence to conquer their world. Being exposed to these stories and subsequent businesses/products they had created I knew I had to share this sense of amazement with other women to benefit from and writing about it online just wasn’t enough for me. I decided I wanted to package these powerful women, products and stories up and physically deliver them to other women across the UK.

What’s the meaning behind Fempowerment?

We have many core values but female empowerment is truly at the heart of everything we do, hence the name Fempowerment. Our whole business is built on it; from the products/services included which have all been designed to empower in some way (big or small), our curated content within the 20 page magazine, our online private community (The Fempire) to our women only team and partnerships.

How do you choose the brands that go into the box?

I am always keeping my eyes open, on social media and in the real world. I have a big google sheet full of cool women-led brands that I have spotted and know I have to get in one of our boxes. We carefully curate each box and have a strict criteria when it comes to selecting partners, they have to be women-led with a story to tell (content is at the heart of what we do) and a passion to create positive change in the world.

What can we expect from the Spring Fempowerment Defined Box?

I am extremely excited about this box because we have approached things a little differently. Firstly, it is a collaboration box with Well Defined, so a true example of incredible things happening when women support each other but we are also celebrating the launch with a fabulous event in London on March 5th which we are inviting our members too and will be full of inspiration, empowerment and prosecco!

I believe that we have also made a huge step up from the last season to extend the membership beyond the box, not only is their incredible products within the box physically, we have also extended into the digital world to offer even more to our members throughout the whole season.

How important do you think collaboration between women and business is?

I recently read an article that stated only 2% of 18-34 year olds could name a woman as a role model in business. This really pissed me off because I know for a fact it isn’t due to lack of them, it is due to lack of representation. Clearly there's still a long way to go. But the good news is, there's power in collective action and in community—and today, women are more revved up and connected to each other than ever before.

That is why I feel so passionately about only partnering with women-led businesses so we can champion those inspirational females defying the odds. I have always believed that women alone are a powerful force, but even more powerful when united as a sisterhood. When we channel the power of collaboration, by championing and raising each other up, we can change the equation - and have a lot of fun along the way. The combinations of strengths can make your table even better, we aren't (and cannot be) experts in everything so it's important to build your squad

Who would be your dream brands to work with?

I get asked this question a lot and always find it really hard to answer, I have already been so incredibly lucky to work with some of my dream brands and currently in conversation to work with even more of them for the upcoming seasons. Any business that is being led to success by a woman creating products/services that benefit other women and bring positive change to the world is a dream brand for me.

What does the future hold for Fempowerment?

I have soooooooo many plans and ideas for the future that sometimes I need to be reigned in a little, I can’t help it though, I am just too passionate about the potential. I am going to continue to ensure that the physical box is always 10/10 but I also want to focus more on the value of the membership outside of this. For me, the box is the introduction to the season, it’s the physical touchpoint where we introduce our members to the brands, women and topics but the digital space is really where the magic can and will happen. I also want to continue to bring the stories/content to life outside of words on a page so now exploring options for new media such as videos. Watch this space.

Finally, What is your ‘me time’ moment?

Bringing it back to food (as always) but it’s truly where my happiness comes from and there is nothing I love more than a night spent looking through recipe books, cooking and eating with a great movie.


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