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An Interview with BBC One's Apprentice finalist & M+LKPLUS founder Camilla Ainsworth

We had the pleasure of interviewing Camilla, founder of M+LKPLUS. Passionate about health and wellbeing Camilla created M+LKPLUS, dairy free and vegan friendly nut m+lk. At just 22, Camilla appeared on BBC Ones ‘The Apprentice’. She became the youngest ever finalist in the shows 14 year history!

What was the inspiration for starting M+LKPLUS?

The inspiration behind M+LKPLUS was due to a personal need. I discovered I was lactose intolerant and thus I started the search for a product that was free from dairy but not free from personality, I needed a grab and go product that wasn’t just plain boring almond milk with loads of hidden ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. I couldn’t find anything and have always been of the mindset.. if something doesn’t exit then why not create it? And thats exactly what I did!

We are huge believers in collaboration over competition and constantly push this through our network, how important has support from other women in business and collaboration been to you on your business journey? Support from other women and fellow business owners has been imperative to my business journey. The power of a strong network is priceless, not only can you bounce ideas off of like-minded girl bosses but you also create a tribe of people who are spreading the word for your business vicariously. I think it is hugely important to remember that other women are not your competition, you are your only competition. I am a huge advocator for supporting local businesses as I know how hard (and lonely) it can be to captain the ship of a start up company!

We regularly hear our network talk about imposter syndrome or questioning their worth, especially in their business/professional life, is this something you have experienced yourself and if so do you have any advice for other women who are struggling with this? I have definitely had moments where I have struggled with imposter syndrome but I think its key to take a step back and remember to back yourself at all times. Are you an expert? Maybe not. Are you the best at what you do yet? Probably not but should this stop you from striving to be those two things? No! Being in a position to feel like an imposter means that you are already super brave and are putting yourself out there so don’t let your mind lie to you by feeling like you are an imposter or that you aren’t good enough. One of my favourite phrases is ‘the expert was once a beginner’.

What is the one thing you can't live without within your business day to day? I definitely cant live without my personal planner, it has my entire life in there! I also love ‘forest’ app as it keeps me focused.

Finally, what is your me time moment? I try and have some me time every day and my favourite me time moment is spending time with my miniature pet goats.. Vincent van goat and Nigel. I go outside at lunchtime and get some fresh air and take them for a walk! I am aware I sound crazy but it helps me to reset and refresh my brain ready to give me a fresh perspective for my afternoon tasks.


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