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These 5 journal prompts for dreaming big will help you set big, exciting and downright scary goals in 2020 and beyond. So find a quiet spot and 5-10 minutes for yourself, grab your favourite notebook and pen and let’s go!

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Follow the breadcrumbs with this one. Run with the first answers that come up and don’t be afraid to be as bold and voracious

as you want.

If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would…

Fear of failure is amongst the top dream killers, and it’s something I come up against with coaching clients time and time again. This one invites you to place that fear aside, even just for a moment, and consider what you’d do if failure was off the table.

What brings me joy, and how can I make more space for joy in my day?

Life gets so goddamn serious sometimes doesn’t it?! Please don’t be so focused on goals, achievements and milestones in 2020 that you forget to stop and smell the roses. I would invite you to set some goals around things that bring you joy.

This is also a fantastic question for those of you feeling lost in the new year. Instead of putting the pressure on yourself to set goals you think you ‘should’ be working towards, how about instead, you start focusing on things that nurture and enrich your sense of self, wellbeing, mind, body and soul? If you’re focused on that, you’re on the right track regardless!

10 years from now, I’m most proud of myself for…

10 years from now, I’m most proud of myself for…

The 10 year vision is all about creating our life and future by design. Rarely do we get the chance to daydream like this as adults. So get comfortable, close your eyes and really feel into this one. Imagine yourself 10 years in the future, looking back on where you are right now. What are you proud of? What’s changed? Paint a picture and get as specific as possible.

This is one to reflect back on and reverse engineer. If you want to be there in 10 years, what steps do you need to take in 2020? How can you step further towards that future reality?

What would the bravest version of me do today?

Achieving exciting goals is all about stepping outside of our comfort zone. And to do so, on a regular basis, requires immense bravery. So what step would you take today if you were brave? What would you do, say, feel, think? Step into the shoes of that person and make it real.

So there we have it. 5 beautiful journal prompts for dreaming big and challenging what’s possible for you in 2020! Let me know how you get on and if you’re ready for some next-level support and accountability in 2020, find out more about my 1:1 coaching programme for women here.


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