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About Chelsea Cox

Hey Babe, thanks for taking the time to visit. I find "about me" sections a little hard... how do I really get myself across to you in a paragraph? I figure if you were interested in my work history then you would have checked out my LinkedIn. What I would like to tell you is that I'm all about supporting women in achieving their business goals, I am really good at selling - award winning in fact - and I make a mean cup of tea but I feel the only way you are truly going to get to know what I'm all about is by meeting me, so hit the button below to get in touch!
Have a wonderful day 
Chelsea x
Founder of Well Defined



I work with women in business & female led brands acting as a senior support in business planning, making money from existing revenue streams, identifying new revenue streams and making noise through events & outreach. Please see a breakdown of my services below, feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Your personal money generator & noise maker.

I work with a limited amount of women on a monthly retainer basis offering constant support on reaching their business goals & outreaching for both commercial & PR opportunities on their behalf. I also negotiate reactive & incoming offerings to ensure maximum exposure.

1:1 Business Coaching

I offer 1:1 business coaching sessions for women. Whether it be a initial concept or an established business, I can help you reach your goals both from a business and a commercial perspective as well as give clarity and confidence in your business plan.


Commercial Consultancy

Selling is my thing. I have solid commercial background from building profitable businesses from scratch to taking on underperforming businesses and making them work financially. I am a multi award winning sales person with a true passion for numbers. I work with various brands from a commercial perspective, identifying suffering revenue streams and coming up with strategies to turn them around, I also plan & implement sales strategies for start ups and established businesses.

Event Consultancy

I can help make your event profitable. Years of event experience has given me a unique set of skills which allows me to identify potential revenue streams and put together strategies that work. I can also offer support from a overall event business perspective to ensure your event is smooth running & attracting your target audience.



I have love working with Well Defined this year. The ethos of a company is a reflection of its founder and Chelsea has been both an authentic and invaluable mentor, friend and advisor to me. 
Well Defined have helped to reassure, put out fires, grow and develop, strategise and leverage a well connected network in the industry. I consider myself lucky to have found such a fantastic support!

Nia Davies - @niafaraway

Working with Chelsea is like having a girl boss/manager/mentor and friend all rolled into one. Not only does she provide you with tons of clarity, confidence and the balls to make things happen, she also does the outreach work to make your goals come to life. Since working with Chelsea I have found more clarity and confidence in my ability and execution of what I truly want to do in life and business, as well having as a support system for when I doubt myself and someone who can remind me and check in on my goals and vision which are quickly turned into actions. I think the main thing which sticks out for me is Chelsea truly cares about who she works with and seeks to understand exactly what impact you want to have, she has such key experience in what can feel like an overwhelming industry and her direction takes away so much of this overwhelm. I could not recommend her enough and feel very lucky to be part of the Well Defined family

Laura Phelan - @phelanwell

Chelsea supported the Live Well Team on their launch event, Live Well London.  Her advice, support and knowledge of the fitness and wellbeing industry was invaluable and we look forward to working with her again this year.

Sam Willoughby - Founder & MD of @livewellevents

Having sessions with Chelsea has helped me gain clarity on where I want my business to go and how to get there. Chelsea has given me the tools to help progress and develop  as a person which will ultimately help my business. I look forward to Chelseas sessions and feel they give me accountability, confidence and excite me on how my business will develop in the future.

Megan Donnellan - @wellnesswithmegan_

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